Princess amongst fashion, the Tiara trend

This summer 2016’s ‘it’ hair accessory is one that makes you feel like fashion royalty as you embellish your favorite outfit. We are talking about none other then the oh! So royal tiara, one of the most controversial and popular trends to emerge for hair accessories this season.

In the past, these decorative diadems were reserved for prom queens, beauty pageants, costume parties and royalty. One could be spotted on the head of a bride to be at a hen party; else this accessory was reserved for princesses and royalty, a beautiful embellishment of an erstwhile era. Not anymore it seems, come 2016 and Yves Saint Laurent designer HediSlimane has put this royal accessory to the forefront, proclaiming the Tiara to be worn with absolutely everything this season. The designer showcased the look with a Rock Chic and grunge vibe, reminiscent of Divas like Courtney Love and paired with all kinds of outfits. Tommy Hilfiger also showcased a more traditional and sedate version of the accessory as a traditional girly chic contrast to any existing outfit.

We give you the right way to wear this trend on a daily basis without looking like you are playing dress up. Think of the tiara as less of a pompous crown and more of an update to the headband. While it’s true that it has its limitations – it’s definitely not for everyone – it does have the potential to look really stylish. You just have to follow some very specific rules. The key is to wear it in a subtle and understated fashion and pair it with a clashing look like grunge clothing, jeans, biker jackets or boyfriend shirts. The look needs to contrast the glamour and glitz of the tiara. Wear it with messy and casual styled hair to further accentuate this effect. Don’t pair it with sleek and polished hair, makeup and clothing unless you want to look like wannabe royalty. Wear it to a dinner party or evening event and not for a casual lunch or grocery shopping (unless you are Lady Gaga)

Also, opt for small sections and delicate pieces or headbands with ornate features rather than tall over the top fixtures, which could end up having a costume effect. Put your hair in a half up-do and clip the accessory in place to emulate.

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