Stack together your style quotient: how to wear the Stacked bracelet look

Layering is not just about clothing in current fashion trends, it extends to accessories and jewelry as well. From this current layering look comes the stacked bracelet trend. Gone are the days that you wore one big or chunky it bracelets or arm cuff as a fashion focal point to accentuate your wrists. The look of the moment consists of literally stacking together various bracelets of different colors, shapes, and forms to create and interesting and vibrant look with movement and finesse.

Celebs these days are the first in flaunting this fabulous trend. From the international celebrity, set you have style divas such as Taylor Swift, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Sofia Vergara all wearing this trend.

Bollywood trendsetters are also embracing this look with stylish and easy flair. Deepika Padukone is a big fan of this trend and has been spotted wearing different bracelets together in a stylish stack at many occasions.

We give you a breakdown of how to wear this trend without resulting in any tricky contracts or clashing looks. Stacking bracelets is popular not just in street style fashion, but also on the runway—proving that when it comes to wearing these accessories, “more is more”. The trend involves wearing different kinds of bracelets at once, including bangles, beads, cuffs, leather and fringed wraps, and vintage charm bracelets. You can even add watches, pearls, and embellished friendship bracelets to the combo. Assembling the perfect bracelet stack is far from easy.  You need to combine different metals, shapes, textures, and colors to come up with a perfect mix. The best way to go about is to follow these rules of thumb.

1.      Choose a centerpiece or focal point.

2.      Mix different metal, colors, and textures that go together by creating one or two contracts only in the look.

3.      Play with textures in the same metal or combine fabric, metal, and leather.

4.      Layer carefully mixing thick and thin.

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